Loves to Connect and Enable people through Technology and Communities.

Founding and building the community of SellanApp. Finding new sport buddies through Let’s Play. Connecting business people and travellers through sharing Wildcards. Running around the world to play real life tag using Taggy. Next to personal projects working with the amazing people behind: Dadara, Van Chefs, Sourcingmonk, Windmill Windup, Professional Rebel and

Sharing stories here (scroll down) online about using technology and communities. Next to that giving talks everywhere offline at Pakhuis de Zwijger, universities, corporates, bars, clubs and Pecha Kucha's (Japanese for chit-chat). Invite me over!

So hi, Contact me any time, ask me anything or find me technomading around the world!

I was looking forward to the launch of this, it’s not really an app, neither a game… or is it? When playing with Cucalu, you basically get a new set of eyes! It’s live! 

Let me know if you like it in the comments, so I can show my friends who worked hard on this :)