Making ideas
come alive,
since 2006

We research, design and experiment to improve the universe around us; we answer questions with 42 and we put 'ultimate' in front of everything.

Online and Kicking is an (ad)venture design studio
that specializes in Communities, Technology and Games!

Current projects

our ventures,
our own ideas

Our ventures are 100% voluntary and our projects where we invest in the future. Ventures, in terms of timing usually are ahead of the curve, so they are usually fun experiments that aren't yet monetized.

During hackathons, at workshops and life we come up with these ventures and grow them from the ground up while having fun. Currently, hard at work to build the Codaisseur Design Academy.

our Adventures,
Ideas for our clients

Because of our ventures we make a lot of noise, which gets us clients that pay attention.

For the last 11 years we've worked on projects for big and small organisations, for profit and non profit. We solve challenges with questions, ideas and design. We always plan to challenge the status quo.

Indirectly worked for
Amsterdam, the city
Burning Man
Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
Hewlett Packard Entreprise (HPE)
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Technical University Delft
University of Amsterdam