It's no surprise Trello is used actively by tens of millions of people around the world!

It's a great tool because Trello adapts to you; your project, team, and workflow.

The thing is, it can be pretty nail it because there are so many options and it can be lots of work to find out how to use Trello in the best possible way.

In this interactive workshop Milan shows you first hand how to improve your (explicit and implicit) communication and thus productivity with Trello.

Use Trello

  • for more effective personal and team project management,
  • to keep your (freelance) clients up to date and happy by managing expectations visually,
  • for keeping track of leads, ideas and schedules with your team or on your own,
  • as a (public) product documentation, keep track of all touch points in your product as if it's a synchronous whiteboard.

We've done this for these clients

For in total hundres of people at Philips, Linda Magazine, The City of The Hague, B. Amsterdam, LENA Library, Crosswise works, Hubba Thailand (and numerous Thai startups), Youth Food Movement, Professional Rebel, Codaisseur Academy and at TQ, the Google for Entrepreneurs coworking community.

Just like Milan the Trello fanboy, get on the Trello train, use this amazing freemium software in new ways! 

Use Trello for any process that resolves progress (even for you personally, for your team and publicly in your community organisation). 

Every workshop I gave there were new ideas how to use it, so let's make this interactive and fun, because I can even learn from you!

Request a ±90 minutes workshop now! ⚒🚀🌈

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