Design thinking is an essential part of any work! 

For great products, a great amount of discussions is needed between you and your teammates.
In order to facilitate these discussions, you need the right tools—the tools to lead and influence those discussions; you can learn in this workshop.

User research and Testing

With proper research about the user and the problem; you can surely make an impact. Users time (and money) is scarce, people will only use a product when it solves a problem or when it excites them.  

Be effective by performing research and setting up interviews. After you've built something you have the same interviews—but then the user is actually using your product. 

Learn how to ask the right questions to your users, and ultimately your customers. And continue to have these conversations, to improve your product along the way.

Classifying features

By arranging features into 5 different sets, you can find out why you have to build certain features. Do they fulfil basic needs, do they excite—or are they disappointing when they are missing?

Find out what kind of emotions the users will receive from each feature. You can easily scare off your users (or your co-developers) by building too much or too little features.

Learn how to have users imagine what it's like to use your product; and please them by exceeding expectations.

Sustainable implementation

You want your users to come back and continue to get value from what you want to build—or have built. You want them to get a healthy addiction so you could monetize on that value. 

Use four sequential stages that can help you define what is important for the users to give and to receive. We work from the essence of: 

Behaviour = motivation + ability + trigger.

You are part of this sequence often without even knowing it; learn all about the model in the last part of this workshop.

This workshop is meant for

  • user interface or visual designers that need a bit more strategy to their design work,
  • developers that want to get a advanced introduction to product strategy,
  • anyone that wants some basic strategic tools to make products that work better and are actually used.

How this works

  • Contact us so we can cater to your needs better
  • invite your people, around 6 - 30 can attend at the same time,
  • we'll plan a day at your office, or we can provide a space
  • the workshop can be done in 3 blocks of ±2 hours, with breaks after each block.
  • If you're only a few people, you can potentially join the monthly workshop I give at the Codaisseur Academy, contact us to find out more!
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